I Want Multiplayer!

Hello, I am new to the wiki, tho I have been following the game's community and development even before I bought it the day after Christmas during Steam's wallet-murder fest called "Winter sales."

So far, I have 31 total hours on record, and I am amazed how I have not scratched the surface of just the large amounts of content in the vanilla game! However, it feels like there is still something missing.

Most of the time when you drive around, you are just by yourself in one map just driving around "inside" your lonesome car. I know that the AI kinda helps with that, but it is kinda dumb and is a bit difficult to manually set up races with them without having to download/make/play a scenario that is specifically for racing with the AI.

I kinda just want to play with friends, but it hasn't been implemented yet.

Although the bar on the right side of the main menu seems to be promising something...

Seriously, though. I might be good at creating chaos and destruction by myself, but the ability to play with friend would mean even BETTER chaos and destruction. The rape map called "Deep Earth" does claim to be good for "Controlled chaos" in it's description, and, that map is HUGE and feels empty when you are the only person driving around in there, with or without the AI.

What do you guys think? Honestly, I suggest the devs optimizing the game a bit more and doing some bug fixes before implementing it.