Artificial Intelligence

AI is a setting in the game which allows Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive a car for you.

Enabling AI

You can enable AI by dragging the app out of the app menu.

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Picture of the AI app:

AI Modes

  • Disabled: Off. The AI will not do anything until you command it to.
  • Random: The AI will start driving in a random direction.
  • Span: The vehicle will travel semi-randomly. However, the vehicle will tend to travel toward areas it hasn't before. Like random, but has more variety in its path.
  • Manual: The vehicle will travel toward a pre-selected, fixed waypoint. The waypoint is defined by the entry in the 'Target' field.
  • Chase: The AI will try and chase you until your engine blows.
  • Flee: The AI will try and flee from you. Good if you want to simulate a police chase.
  • Stopping: The car will stop until you tell it to chase you or flee from you.
  • Risk: Determines the risks that the AI takes. Speed, cornering speed, acceleration, etcetera, are limited or exaggerated by this setting.
  • In Lane:C/O Drivability: The minimum drivability that a road must possess for the AI to consider using it for a route. Drivability is a rough, creator-set appraisal for how tough a road is to drive. Bumpiness, road damage, surface material, grade, etc. When set higher, it can ensure the AI doesn't, say, drive a sports car onto an offroading trail.
  • Route Speed: How fast the car should go. Will be useless unless 'Mode' is set.
  • Mode: How to use the 'Route Speed' setting. Can be set to:
    • Off. The default. 'Route Speed' will not impact the AI's speed preferences.
    • Limit. The 'Route Speed' is the maximum speed that the AI will consider.
    • Set. The AI will attempt to maintain the 'Route Speed' as closely as possible, no slower, no faster (where negotiable).
  • Target: Which AI waypoint the AI should attempt to navigate to in Manual mode.