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The Pigeon mid-roll

TODO: Ibishu Pigeon
Manufacturer Ibishu
Production 1982 - 1989
Creator(s) gabester
Class Auto rickshaw
Body style 2-door 3-wheel mini truck
Layout TBA

The Ibishu Pigeon is a 3-wheeled mini pickup, similar to the Piaggio Ape, Daihatsu Midget or Reliant Rialto. It weighs roughly 500kg and is powered by a 658cc 3-cylinder diesel motor, producing about 28 hp. Its top speed is around 100 km/h. The Pigeon features an unusual belt-driven steering assembly for the lone front wheel, whose geometry makes it incredibly unstable. It has optional stabilizers, much like those seen on Top Gear when Jeremy Clarkson drove a Reliant Robin. Even with the stabilizers, it is incredibly dangerous. The Pigeon also has a Street Sweeper, Box Truck, and Sports options. Its lack of shock absorbers means it can easily bounce into the air upon hitting a bump or pothole, and without the stabilizers it can easily tip over when cornering. Upon a frontal impact, the cab can easily buckle and the frame can bend upwards, potentially resulting in serious injury. The cab and bed can even detach from the frame entirely. It was made available in the "Pre-Race" update.

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