Wentward DT40L "Safari"

Wentward DT40L was a bus produced in 1987-1996

The base model has a power of 277 hp at 1,900 rpm and 1,230 Nm at 1,200 rpm. Time 0-100km / h reaches in 43.2s, and the maximum speed is 104km / h. There are also "Safari" and "Zebra" models with the same performance. There is also a "City" version with a maximum speed of 93km / h. Surprisingly, it has a greater power of 346 hp at 1,900 rpm and a torque of 1,474 Nm at 1,200 rpm. The most powerful serial version is "Highway". It has the same engine as in the "City" version, but it can accelerate up to 136km / h, and the speed from 0-100km / h will reach in 32.2s.


Version Base, Safari, Zebra City Highway Hero
0-100km/h 43.2s N/A 32.2s 3.4s (JATO)
Max. Speed 104km/h 93km/h 136km/h 378km/h
Power 277 hp @ 1900 rpm 346 hp @ 1900 rpm
JATO No 2x
Torque 1230 Nm @1200 rpm 1474 Nm @1200 rpm
Drive RWD (Rear Wheel Drive)
Transmission 4-speed Auto 6-speed Auto
Engine Type Gavril TCM 8.9L I6 Diesel
Turbocharger T280 T350